Wine Club Names…?

Anybody have any ideas…?  Anyone besides Curtis and myself on here yet…?  If you have name ideas…POST ‘EM!  We’ll vote next meeting.


~ by adamoxsen on 2.9.09.

5 Responses to “Wine Club Names…?”

  1. Here are some name ideas. Most of them retarded, I know.
    Sour grapes, The Baptists(Sorry David & Sis, I don’t know what denomination you are), Tanninites, Bottle Openers, The Wet Palates, Off the Wagon Club

  2. David and Cesley are Bapstist, so that works 🙂 I like Tanninites.

  3. What about “Vino Amanti ” (wine lovers), The Corkscrews, 750 Club ( 750 mililiter bottles), 60 Degrees, The Stems, Club Vino, The Underground Cellar, or we could just call ourselves the Skulls Neil says. See you Sat!

  4. Or…..Cellar Vino, White Red, 38 65, Leggy Red Club, Red Legs, Leggy Wine, Magnums, Fine Terroir, Venti (20 point club)…we are bringing yummy cheese…see you tonight!

  5. Way to go there, Som. You’re pretty prolific in your name generation. We’ll vote tonight! Lookin’ forward to it!

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